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Bergen Insurance Agency in Springtown Texas offers Mobile and Manufactured Home Insurance.

Get great coverage at a reasonable cost in Texas,Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Alabama for your Mobile Manufactured Home Insurance

Comprehensive protection – Your policy covers any cause of loss (fire, lighting, wind, hail, explosion, burst water pipes, and so on) unless that cause is specifically excluded in the policy documents.

Stated value loss settlement – For a total loss, we settle at the stated value of your home which is listed on your policy. There is no depreciation deduction. For a partial loss, we pay the actual cash value of the loss, but you can upgrade that to a replacement cost valuation.

Liability – You are covered if an injury occurs to someone while on the premises, or if you accidentally injure someone or damage property away from your home.

Personal property – Your personal belongings are protected on an actual cash value basis if the home suffers a covered loss.

Other structures – Your carport, shed, detached garage, or fence are protected.

Additional living expenses – If a covered peril causes sufficient damage that you need to move out, we cover the extra living expenses until repairs are complete or you find a new home.

Reasonable expenses – We cover the cost for emergency repairs that prevent additional damage, such as covering a roof after a storm.

Vandalism – Physical damage or defacement of the home is included.

Theft – Personal items, or permanently attached items such as a heat pump or even copper piping, are covered for loss if stolen from the home. Certain items have specific dollar limits.

Optional coverage

Enhanced coverage – Increase the limits for additional living expenses, collapse, emergency removal, fire department surcharge, antenna/satellite dish, and more.

Builder’s risk – Essential for homes just bought from a dealer, and required by some lenders, this endorsement protects your home during the time between loan closing and occupancy.

Breakdown protection – Widen the policy’s scope to include the repair or replacement of major appliances, HVAC and electronics due to mechanical or electrical failure.

Earthquake – This hard-to-find coverage is available in many states.

Identity theft recovery – Identity theft can result in real harm being done to a person’s credit report. This special option provides professional assistance and up to $15,000 in expense reimbursement.

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